android – Action Bar和新引入的工具栏有什么区别?

在Google介绍Material Design之后,我听说过一个名为Toolbar的新widget类。


我从Android Developers Blog post找到了一个很好的解释。

In this release, Android introduces a new Toolbar widget. This is a generalization of the Action Bar pattern that gives you much more control and flexibility. Toolbar is a view in your hierarchy just like any other, making it easier to interleave with the rest of your views, animate it, and react to scroll events. You can also set it as your Activity’s action bar, meaning that your standard options menu actions will be display within it.


换句话说,ActionBar现在变成了一种特殊的工具栏。这是Google’s official Material Design spec document的摘录。

The app bar, formerly known as the action bar in Android, is a special kind of toolbar that’s used for branding, navigation, search, and actions.



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