ios – 如何从iTunes Connect中删除tvOS应用程序?

在将tvOS应用程序添加到现有iOS应用程序后,是否可以从iTunes Connect中删除tvOS应用程序?

例如,您将tvOS应用程序添加到当前的iOS应用程序,但后来您改变了主意,那么您必须习惯于iTunes Connect上的“tvOS – 准备提交”标签吗?


我下载手机与iTunes Connect支持。他们的高级支持人员确认,一旦创建tvOS目标,目前无法删除它。您将需要在您的“AppleTV隐私政策”字段中放置虚拟文本,只需让tvOS目标成为孤立的,并且在应用程序的生命周期中从不提交。

iTunes Connect FAQ要求相反,但似乎没有实际这样:

What is a universal purchase app?
Universal purchase allows your
customers to purchase your app once, and then access it on all
connected platforms, such as on iPhone and Apple TV. Keep in mind that
if you create separate tvOS and iOS apps now, you can’t make them a
universal purchase later. You also can’t remove any platforms from an
app after it’s been approved by App Review.


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