WPF应用程序的数据库功能:SQLite,SQL CE,其他?

我想扩展一个具有数据库功能的WPF应用程序。你会建议哪个数据库引擎,为什么? SQLite,SQL CE,其他?
根据应用程序的使用情况,我建议使用SQL Lite,因为它不需要安装任何其他软件(SQL CE或Express等通常需要单独安装)。

本文底部提供者链接中SQL Lite最重要的优点列表:

SQLite is a small C library that
implements a self-contained,
embeddable, zero-configuration SQL
database engine. Features include:

  • Zero-configuration – no setup or
    administration needed.
  • Implements most of SQL92. (Features
    not supported)
  • A complete database is stored in a
    single disk file.
  • Database files can be freely shared
    between machines with different byte
  • Supports databases up to 2 terabytes
    (2^41 bytes) in size.
  • Small code footprint: less than 30K
    lines of C code, less than 250KB
    code space (gcc on i486)
  • Faster than popular client/server
    database engines for most common
  • Simple, easy to use API.
  • Self-contained: no external
  • Sources are in the public domain.
    Use for any purpose.

由于您使用的是WPF,我可以假定您至少使用.NET 3.0。然后我会推荐去.NET 3.5 SP1(sames大小为.NET 3.5,但包括一些性能改进),其中包括LINQ。

但是,当使用SQLite时,您将需要使用以下提供LINQ支持的SQLite Provider:An open source ADO.NET provider for the SQLite database engine

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