在下个月开始系统编程之前,我正在研究C基础知识和语法。在阅读时,我遇到了C89 / 99标准。根据维基百科,

C99 introduced several new features,
including inline functions, several
new data types (including long long
int and a complex type to represent
complex numbers), variable-length
arrays, support for variadic macros
(macros of variable arity) and support
for one-line comments beginning with
//, as in BCPL or C++. Many of these
had already been implemented as
extensions in several C compilers.

C99 is for the most part backward
compatible with C90, but is stricter
in some ways; in particular, a
declaration that lacks a type
specifier no longer has int
implicitly assumed. A standard macro
STDC_VERSION is defined with value 199901L to indicate that C99 support
is available. GCC, Sun Studio and
other compilers now support many or
all of the new features of C99.

我借了K& R,第二版的副本,它使用C89标准。对于学生来说,使用C89是否会使K& R涵盖的某些科目无效,如果是,我应该注意些什么?



从一个入学的学生的角度来看,有可能你不会真的注意到这个差异 – 有很多C都是C99和C89 / 90被覆盖。