DevExpress WPF控件的这个起诉书是否有效,什么是好的替代供应商?

我公司正在使用DevExpress WPF控件开始一个主要的绿地开发项目。我刚刚读到他们的WPF控件的this critical review

[…] DevExpress developers completely misunderstood WPF when they developed their WPF controls. I really cannot impress upon you sufficiently well just how much of a displeasure it is using their controls. I feel absolutely terrible (almost guilty) about talking about a vendor with such negativity, but they have made a serious mistake in their WPF suite, it has been a singular source of the most abject frustration for me in about a decade of developing software.

您是否同意DevExpress不了解WPF范例,并会在开发和维护过程中造成开发人员的悲伤?你能建议WPF控件的替代供应商吗?我正在寻找一个具有WPF控件的供应商,这将加强我们的应用程序,同时适合WPF API,绑定和MVVM。


I wrote the original article, and have decided to work with DevExpress in a private capacity after speaking with them so I have regrettably decided to remove the post. Regards, Ira

对于DevExpress,我感到非常失望的是我所感受的。我失去了几个小时,试图简单地绑定一个组合框。下拉列表最多只会显示我的ItemsSource类名称多次。我甚至发布了a StackOverflow question,弄清楚我可能做错了什么。最后,我试图删除这一行的xaml:


突然我的问题消失了。它是由Developer Express wpf主题DeepBlue引起的。发现问题是一个巨大的救济。我公司现在将使用Telerik WPF控件。我的同事对DevExpress Asp.Net控件非常满意。这只是我们正在避免的WPF套件。

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