objective-c – Xcode 4和BWToolKit

我们可以在Xcode 4中使用BWToolKit或任何其他IB插件吗?

我的旧项目使用BWToolKit,现在我无法打开它,没有Interface Builder。


Xcode 4(截止本文撰写)根本不支持IBPlugins。
您需要安装Xcode 3及其Interface Builder才能使用IBPlugins编辑笔尖。



有关更多信息,请引用Martin Pilkington的伟大Xcode4评论:

Loss of IBPlugins:
For all the cool new
hotness in Xcode 4, there is one big
gaping hole in its functionality.
IBPlugins cannot be loaded and as such
any NIBs that rely on components from
them cannot be edited. They can be
compiled, but only if you have Xcode 3
and IB 3 still installed. This is a
major missing component, though it
isn’t unexpected. A line has to be
drawn at some point in order to say
“this is the first version we’ll ship”
and IBPlugins are likely one of the
things that didn’t make the cut for
4.0. Of course the big issues with IBPlugins is they don’t work with iOS.
My hope is that they’re missing
because Apple is working on an
improved system and would rather leave
it out of 4.0 than ship a half
implemented solution. That said I hope
they don’t completely replace the
IBPlugin system as it is incredibly
powerful and one of the nicest plugin
systems I’ve coded for.

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