我有一台带有16GB RAM的Linux服务器,并安装了docker主机。我想在其上部署一个Windows Server容器。可能吗?任何人刚刚尝试过这个解决方案?

it relies on system calls to a Linux kernel以来,Linux容器不能在Windows服务器上运行。

那就是docker toolbox will install

将有support for docker on Windows soon,但这将是Windows容器,而不是Linux容器。


参见“Linux and Windows, living together, total chaos! (OK, Kubernetes 1.5)

Kubernetes 1.5 includes alpha support for both Windows Server Containers, a shared kernel model similar to Docker, and Hyper-V Containers, a single-kernel model that provides better isolation for multi-tenant environments (at the cost of greater latency).
The end result is the ability to create a single Kubernetes cluster that includes not just Linux nodes running Linux containers or Windows nodes running Windows containers, but both side by side, for a truly hybrid experience.
For example, a single service can have PODs using Windows Server Containers and other PODs using Linux containers.


Though it appears fully functional, there do appear to be some limitations in this early release, including:

  • The Kubernetes master must still run on Linux due to dependencies in how it’s written. It’s possible to port to Windows, but for the moment the team feels it’s better to focus their efforts on the client components.
  • There is no native support for network overlays for containers in windows, so networking is limited to L3. (There are other solutions, but they’re not natively available.)
    The Kubernetes Windows SIG is working with Microsoft to solve these problems, however, and they hope to have made progress by Kubernetes 1.6’s release early next year.
  • Networking between Windows containers is more complicated because each container gets its own network namespace, so it’s recommended that you use single-container pods for now.
  • Applications running in Windows Server Containers can run in any language supported by Windows. You CAN run .NET applications in Linux containers, but only if they’re written in .NET Core. .NET core is also supported by the Nano Server operating system, which can be deployed on Windows Server Containers.

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