microsoft-edge – 如何在Windows Store上发布Edge扩展?

自Windows 10周年纪念更新以来,我开始开发Edge的扩展.

我想在Windows Store上发布一些,但是我不知道如何.我目前正在加载扩展程序.如何打包并提交?


Microsoft Edge已经发布了packaging documentation,并提到了以下内容:

Submitting a Microsoft Edge extension to the Windows Store is currently a restricted capability. 07001 with your requests to be a part of the Windows Store, and we’ll consider you for a future update.


根据Building, Testing and Deploying a Browser Extension in Microsoft Edge(Microsoft Ignite NZ的会话),如果您有兴趣将扩展部署到Windows Store,请考虑向提交请求,以备将来更新.


此时Microsoft Edge不接受向商店提交的公开提交(11/21/2016更新).请参阅response from Kyle Pflug(Microsoft Edge程序Magager):
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而从法律常见问题,Microsoft Edge还表示,他们是intentionally starting with a small set of extensions and the list of extensions is locked, for the reason of reliability, performance and functionality.

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