essentials-2012 – 什么是WSS证书Web服务?


我发现在Windows Server 2012 Essentials上它是自动安装的.我暂时停止了这个网站,但是想知道为什么它在那里.

在此上下文中,“WSS”代表“Windows Server Solutions,” which is the platform name for the Small Business/Essentials versions of Windows server.因此,“WSS证书Web服务”将是“Windows Server解决方案证书Web服务”.

因此,它是一个为Windows Server Solutions平台提供证书的Web服务器.

This service is used to allow certificate-based authentication for remote connections to the server需要基于证书的身份验证.它是一个Web服务,因为Microsoft made a design decision in this line of products to expose their APIs over a web service where possible,可能是为了使它们更容易使用,这对于该产品线的目标市场是有意义的.

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