assembly – 将十进制转换为十六进制



但是,当我尝试打印数字时,我只打印输入的最后一个数字.这让我想到,当我向bx添加另一个号码时,它会覆盖以前的号码,但我无法看到问题.任何帮助将不胜感激,我几乎可以肯定它是一个小我忽略的东西: – /

mov cx,0x05 ; loop 5 times
    mov bx,0    ; clear the register we are going to store our result in
    mov dx,10   ; set our divisor to 10

    mov ah,0x01     ; read a character function
    int 0x21        ; store the character in al
    sub al,0x30     ; convert ascii number to its decimal equivalent
    and ax,0x000F   ; set higher bits of ax to 0, so we are left with the decimal
    push ax         ; store the number on the stack, this is the single digit that was typed
    ; at this point we have read the char, converted it to decimal, and pushed it onto the stack
    mov ax,bx       ; move our total into ax
    mul dx          ; multiply our total by 10, to shift it right 1
    pop bx          ; pop our single digit into bx
    add bx,ax       ; add our total to bx
    loop read       ; read another char

> 8位 – 结果存储在ax中
> 16位 – 结果存储在dx:ax中
> 32位 – 结果存储在


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