When you select the level Read Uncommitted you really get Read Committed, and phantom reads are not possible in the PostgreSQL implementation of Repeatable Read, so the actual isolation level might be stricter than what you select.


没有;差异在the page you linked to中描述:

In fact, this isolation level works exactly the same as Repeatable Read except that it monitors for conditions which could make execution of a concurrent set of serializable transactions behave in a manner inconsistent with all possible serial (one at a time) executions of those transactions.

文档继续给出一个示例,其中Repeatable Read和Serializable的行为不同. Serializable事务可以通过“序列化失败”中止,但不会阻止任何额外的事务完成.


正如Mark Hildreth在评论中指出的那样,这种区别仅在PostgreSQL 9.1之后才有效. documentation for 9.0指出:

But internally, there are only two distinct isolation levels, which correspond to the levels Read Committed and Serializable.


But internally, there are only three distinct isolation levels, which correspond to the levels Read Committed, Repeatable Read, and Serializable.

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