c# – 如何使用Roslyn(Microsoft CodeAnalysis)获取范围内的所有可见局部变量名称

(请注意:这不是关于运行时反射/ metainfo)

我正在编写Roslyn CSharpSyntaxVisitor的具体实现


public override SyntaxNode VisitIdentifierName(IdentifierNameSyntax name)
   var symbolInfo = _semanticModel.GetSymbolInfo(name);
   var fieldSymbol = symbolInfo.Symbol as IFieldSymbol;
   if (fieldSymbol != null)
       // Here I would like to get all the local variable names what are visible
       // in the very same scope where this field IdentifierNameSyntax under visiting resides
       // We can suppose that _semanticNodel for the Document is available.

您可能还想过滤掉在该位置之后声明的本地人;见this code.

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