bash – Dockerfile – 如何将答案传递给apt-get install后的提示?


RUN apt-get install -y jackd2


If you want to run jackd with realtime priorities, the user starting jackd
needs realtime permissions. Accept this option to create the file
/etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf, granting realtime priority and memlock
privileges to the audio group.

Running jackd with realtime priority minimizes latency, but may lead to
complete system lock-ups by requesting all the available physical system
memory, which is unacceptable in multi-user environments.

Enable realtime process priority? [yes/no]



This answer解释了“假设是”和非交互模式之间的区别.

我还找到了一个安装jackd2 here的Dockerfile示例,它在安装jackd2之前将DEBIAN_FRONTEND设置为’noninteractive’.

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