c# – 当我将源代码编译到.net框架中的exe文件时会发生什么

将.NET源代码(c#或vb)编译为.exe文件时会发生什么?我希望了解在制作exe文件时发生的过程,并查看了有关逆向工程和反编译的几个问题(例如,How do I decompile a .NET EXE into readable C# source code?What happens when user click .NET assembly (EXE)?)




To obtain the benefits provided by the common language runtime, you must use one or more language compilers that
target the runtime.


Compiling translates
your source code into Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) and
generates the required metadata.


At execution time, a just-in-time (JIT) compiler translates the MSIL into
native code. During this compilation, code must pass a verification
process that examines the MSIL and metadata to find out whether the
code can be determined to be type safe.


The common language runtime provides the infrastructure that enables execution to
take place and services that can be used during execution.


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