Android debug.keystore SHA1对所有人来说都是一样的吗?

当我们安装android sdk时会自动生成debug.keystore.那么我们的debug.keystore在所有机器中都有相同的SHA1吗?
每台计算机都没有相同的调试密钥.并且您将没有相同的机器调试密钥,因为有an expiry for the debug key

The self-signed certificate used to sign your APK for debugging has an
expiration date of 365 days from its creation date. When the
certificate expires, you will get a build error.

To fix this problem, simply delete the debug.keystore file. The file
is stored in the following locations:

  • ~/.android/ on OS X and Linux
  • C:\Documents and
    Settings\.android\ on Windows XP
  • C:\Users\.android\ on
    Windows Vista and Windows 7, 8, and 10

The next time you build and run
the debug build type, the build tools will regenerate a new keystore
and debug key. Note that you must run your app, building alone does
not regenerate the keystore and debug key.


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