nautilus – 是否可以隐藏“复制到”和“移动到”上下文菜单?

我刚刚阅读了this question并意识到我从未使用过“复制到”或“移动到”上下文菜单 – 是否可以隐藏它们?
遗憾的是,由于Nautilus的更改和/usr/share/nautilus/ui/nautilus-directory-view-ui.xml的删除,无法在12.04或12.10中执行此操作.最近(2012年6月)已经在gnome nautilus邮件列表中询问过,从开发人员的回复中可以清楚地看到,现在必须下载源代码,修补它,然后重新编译它以消除或隐藏副本到然后转到菜单.

Emmanuel Bassi,一个gnome开发人员,responded对邮件列表上的相同请求,注意到:

The UI definitions are part of the application:
modifying them is the equivalent of modifying the binary on disk.


It’s not possible because now (in the interest of relocatability
of the application, and to improve the startup time) the UI
description file is “compiled” inside the binary itself; the UI
description file is only available in the Git repository, and every
change requires recompiling Nautilus.

Given that editing the UI file once installed was never a supported
action for the reasons I pointed out in this thread, this is not a
break in functionality.

What you want to achieve cannot be done with the current, or any
future, version of Nautilus; the only way to do it is to actually
modify Nautilus so that it can do what you want.

这是Nautilus的官方立场,因此唯一要做的就是建议一个补丁,或者只是准备自己的补丁并构建自己的自定义版本.您需要的源代码可从git repository获得.


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