我已经在Google上搜索了一下,但是我找不到一个很好的清单,列出了.net CLR中的哪些类未包含在“ CoreCLR”(即Silverlight)中.

Windows .net Framework中缺少哪些Silverlight?

此外,Silverlight运行时是否具有.net Framework没有的任何内容?

Silverlight运行时(Silverlight CLR)本质上是一个迷你-迷你CLR :).

Microsoft所做的工作是删除对.NET Framework程序集的许多依赖关系,而不是Silverlight版本的一部分

Silverlight CLR is a subset of the
.NET Framework that contains
components and libraries, including
data integration, extensible Windows
controls, networking, base class
libraries, garbage collection, and the
common language runtime (CLR).

Some parts of the .NET Framework for
Silverlight are deployed with your
application. These “Silverlight
Libraries” are assemblies not included
in the Silverlight runtime and are
instead shipped in the Silverlight
SDK. When Silverlight Libraries are
used in your application, they are
packaged up with your application and
downloaded to the browser. These
include new UI controls, XLINQ,
Syndication (RSS/Atom), XML
serialization, and the dynamic
language runtime (DLR).


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